Last Minute Changes…..

Roger’s poem, “Stepping Stones”, — at least the first two pages — on the press….or I should say the remnants of the first two pages and the beginning of their reconstruction.  This little project began a couple of years ago, almost, and it is only just going to print.  I don’t know if there is … Continued

Unfinished Business….

Upstairs in the printshop/studio…..seldom visited……partly because of what it presently represents.  That being ‘unfinished business’ — loose ends — we all have them.  What is worse, for me it is but a visible sign of what is only the tip of the ice-berg.  Now, if I was to be called up yonder, so to speak, … Continued

Rabbittown Races Sing My Song…..Doo Dah, Doo Dah……

A Remington Rand Model 1 portable typewriter……made sometime in the early-mid nineteen hundreds by the Remington Tyewriter company in Canada, I think after the Remington Typewriter Company had merged with the Rand Kardex Company to form Remington Rand (in the United States). Prior to all that, The Remington Typewriter Company was the company and name … Continued