Hello, World!

It’s been nearly three years since this blog has seen an ‘update’. If you’re checking back after our little sojourn from writing, you’ll notice quite a change with the whole outfit. The website has gotten some much needed renovations. Firstly, it looks different. Secondly, it works different. There’s now an online shop that will be populated with printed materials on a regular basis, whiche I’m hoping will become quickly depopulated through  sales. For what it’s worth, if you ever have a question about sales of pre-made or custom-made goods, just send us a note.

Before carrying on (or getting carried away) with this ramble, I should let you, dear reader, know who ‘I’ is. I, so to speak, am Scott McAllister, and not your usual ‘yours truly’, i.e.: David Brewer. Rest assured, David is still around and printing. Maybe we’ll hear a post from him soon. I’ve been working in the shop since the fall. I didn’t think I had any business in the print world. My best had always been behind the screen. Websites, phone apps, and little artsy-fartsy computerized doo-dads were my bread and butter. But then I was tasked by a dear friend to be her wedding stationer. Naturally, I had to find a way to move my work from the computer to the paper. Through luck and timing, I found my way to Rabbittown Press, and eventually found myself printing what you see here. Now I have ink on my hands more than I don’t, and I’m completely enamored with the whole situation of traditional print making. I dearly hope this is but the beginning of a long, lasting print making practice.

I’ll keeps this ramble short, and just finish up with two pictures of some recent work. First is an order of sketchbooks for an art class. Cover design by David Brewer, printing and binding by I. Second is a bit of ephemera, the likes of a business card or a bit of comedic relief, if you’d prefer.