Another snow day!

Notwithstanding the accidents they cause and the bemoaning they precipitate, I appreciate every flake that falls on a snowy winter’s day. That blanket of white molecular matter seems to unify those disparate human experiences that make up our world. For a brief notation of time, we are treated to a common reference point–look at that storm!–the likes of which no one can readily explain, let alone prevent or avoid.

Nature holds no bares. Though I don’t pretend to speak for her, I expect she acts with the best intentions. Snow is water, after all, and water is life. While I’m still kicking, it’s my small mission to spread some good regards towards the winter wonderland we are so lucky to experience.

That all being said, I suppose I should get to what I got up to on this “snow day.” The bulk of my energy went towards a new block cutting. I traced a slithery design onto some Speedball Battleship linoleum. Unfortunately, I’ve only now noticed that the MDF upon which it’s mounted has a curve. I’m expecting underwhelming printing results for my efforts. All the same, It’s a lovely pattern to carve and I’d be happy to do it again, better, if I need to.