David Brewer – c’est moi – was born in Fredericton, grew up there, moved away from there, and moved back to eventually live in what was his grandmother’s and then his parents’ house. I am an ordained minister with The United Church of Canada and is presently with two churches on a half-time basis with the rest of my working time and energy supposedly being spent in the printshop and upstairs studio in my back yard.

On a good day, the Good Lord has given me to be able to draw, paint, cut blocks, set type, or do whatever I put my hand to pretty much. On a not-so-good day (or a bad one), I find something else to do. I started drawing and painting in the mid to late 1980’s and have worked in various media but really like print-making in almost any of its various forms. I get lucky on a good day and have had or been part of numerous exhibitions over the years.

Rabbittown Press was to be a part-time business to go along with whatever part-time day job I might find myself working at. However, having given away probably more than I’ve sold, it is not as business-like as I would have it and is at the present time something else. What that is and what it will be, I’m trying to figure out and put some shape to.