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Offcuts, off center, off white, off the tracks. Why would you want this notebook? It’s crap—and handmade at that!

Featuring four unique cover images: The Fool, Money Bucks, Lighthouse by the Sea, Mr. Fixit, and The Judge. Covers are selected randomly during the shipment process. Be prepared for a surprise!

This notebook was printed by David Brewer and Scott McAllister at Rabbittown Press. Lines were hot metal cast on a Ludlow typograph machine. Illustrations were sourced from local archives. Typography was handset in various families, including Paul Renner’s Futura. It was printed by hand on a Chandler & Price platen press using Pantone and Van Son inks.

Weight 27 g
Dimensions 3.5 x 5 x .1 in

Mohawk Loop Husk

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