It’s not rocket science.

All a person really needs to print is paper, ink, and pressure. Have a pinch of good luck handy and you’ve got yourself a pretty good situation. Our setup is no different and not much special. At heart, we’re just your friendly neighborhood letterpress print shop.

About the Press

The Press took root sometime around 2008, having grown out of print-maker David Brewer's print-making background. It is located on "the other side of the tracks" in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick, in a quiet studio converted from a nineteenth-century barn-stable.

Equipment includes a Kelsey 6×10 inch tabletop press, a Chandler & Price 8×12 inch New Style floor model platen press, and a Vandercook SP15 flatbed proof press. A growing selection of handset cold metal type is supplemented by an assortment of Ludlow hot metal type faces and the accompanying Ludlow Model L Typecaster.

David Brewer

David Brewer was born in Fredericton, grew up there, moved away from there, and moved back to eventually live in what was his grandmother’s and then his parents’ house and now the basis for Rabbittown Press.

Scott McAllister

Tinker, tailor, soldier, Scott discovered the trade of letterpress by chance, and continues to thrive in it by luck.