It’s not rocket science.

All a person really needs to print is paper, ink, and pressure. Have a pinch of good luck handy and you’ve got yourself a pretty good situation. Our setup is no different and not much special. At heart, we’re just your friendly neighborhood letterpress print shop.


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You might say we've gone to pasture—our good work happens in a century-old barn-stable in Fredericton's Rabbit Town neighborhood.

History of the Press

The Press took root sometime around 2008, having grown out of print-maker David Brewer's print-making background. It is located on "the other side of the tracks" in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick, in a nineteenth-century barn.

Equipment includes a Kelsey 6×10 inch tabletop press, a Chandler & Price 8×12 inch New Style floor model platen press, and a Vandercook SP15 flatbed proof press. A growing selection of handset cold metal type is supplemented by an assortment of Ludlow hot metal type faces and the accompanying Ludlow Model L Typecaster.