Nice to meet you. We’re Rabbittown Press, a little printshop with lots of maritime pride. Fredericton, New Brunswick is where we call home. For some it ain’t much. For us it’s well enough to stay busy.

We print and publish regionally inspired books, posters, broadsides, and bits of ephemera.

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The Press took root sometime around 2008, having grown out of print-maker David Brewer’s print-making background. It is located on “the wrong side of the tracks” in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick, in a quiet studio converted from a nineteenth-century barn-stable.

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Beyond The Nine Waves

It is said that the early Celtic peoples of the British Isles and Ireland would from time to time have occasion to exile someone from the community. Many if not most of the settlements being coastal, the common practice was to set them adrift in a coracle or some other small vessel to float with the currents out of sight out to sea, to ‘beyond the nine waves’ which was considered to uncharted waters and unknown horrors.