Nice to meet you. We’re Rabbittown Press, a little printshop with a lot of maritime pride. Fredericton, New Brunswick is where we call home. For some it ain’t much. For us it’s well enough to stay busy.

On a good day the Good Lord has given us to be able to draw, paint, cut blocks, set type, build websites or do pretty much whatever we put our hands to. On a not-so-good day (or a bad one), we find something else to do.

Select Projects

Thumbnail picture of Songwriter's Notepad

Songwriter's Notepad

A handy notepad to help guitarists keep track of their compositions.

Thumbnail picture of Hiker's Logbook

Hiker's Logbook

A trail-ready book to bring on walks, hikes, and other footpath adventures.

Thumbnail picture of The Cottage Girls and Whale Cove Cottages

The Cottage Girls and Whale Cove Cottages

The definitive oral history of Grand Manan’s Cottage Girls.

Thumbnail picture of A Winter Visit with Bliss Carman

A Winter Visit with Bliss Carman

A wintry chapbook given as a gift to friends and family of the Press.

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