Unfinished Business….


Upstairs in the printshop/studio…..seldom visited……partly because of what it presently represents.  That being ‘unfinished business’ — loose ends — we all have them.  What is worse, for me it is but a visible sign of what is only the tip of the ice-berg.  Now, if I was to be called up yonder, so to speak, today, none of it would matter.  However, as long as the good Lord spares me, it does matter — it nags at me……..an unfinished stair railing and baseboard, a couple of unfinished paintings on the easel, and I’m standing amid books on the floor because of unfinished book-shelves to take the picture!  And, like I said, this is but the tip of the ice-berg!

Downstairs is not much better, except that what’s not either started or finished is hidden in its own mess.  I was out there just a few minutes ago and took this picture….


…..I had to take it because it spoke so loudly of things just waiting to happen — or at least things waiting to be used to make things happen.  The only thing missing is ME!…..and I’m afraid I’m missing most of the time and I’m afraid it is because of the ‘laziness factor’….I’m ‘lazier than a cut cat’ as the saying goes….and I don’t know why.  I’m hoping it’s the time of year — cold and grey and uninspiring.

Maybe that’s the situation. The whole outdoors of things is just waiting for things to happen ….to get started again.  That is a positive take on things, but it may be the best take….one that will have me actually renewing the effort to complete at least some of my unfinished business…..