On a good day, the Good Lord has given us to be able to draw, paint, cut blocks, set type, or do pretty much whatever we put our hands to. On a not-so-good day (or a bad one), we find something else to do.

In nine-hundred-eighteen-thousandths of one inch we trust

0.918—that’s “type high,” the height of the lead letters that we use to set type. This one number is the foundation of everything we love and do.

Most of our doings are done for ourselves. We find images in our heads and then find a way to turn them into something tangible. That being said, we are known to take on the odd job printing to keep the heat on.

The Jobs


Upside-down and backwards

Gold Foiling

Ouuuu, shiny


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


P – e – r – f – e – c – t


Saddle up



Get in touch

David Brewer: rabbittownpress@gmail.com

Scarlett McAllister: info@rabbittown.press

Telephone Inquiries: 506.259.0812

In the wild

Our work can be found at UNB Special Collections, Canadian Library and Archives, and local retailers around New Brunswick.

The NB Box, August 2019

Bellwether Bouique, February 2018

Ladies of Letterpress, April 2015

AIGA Eye on Design, March 2015

Connexion Artist-Run Centre, March 2013

Bodleian Library, November 2016

The Devil’s Artisan