It's not rocket science. All a person really needs to print is paper, ink, and pressure. Have a pinch of good luck handy and you've got yourself a pretty good situation. Our setup is no different and not much special. At heart, we're just your friendly neighborhood letterpress print shop.

Rabbittown Press occupies a building that is now 100 years old. In that time it has evolved.

The building began as a small carriage barn-stable at about the time such things were disappearing with the advent of the automobile. The original studs, now behind boards, are well chewed in what must have been the stable area, and there was a small window for cleaning out the old bedding and manure.

From the beginning, there was a second floor–an upstairs with an end door for loading in straw of hay or both. Inside access to this upstairs was by way of a hole midway along the back wall (about three feet square) with boards nailed across the studs to form a ladder to lead up to it… Continue

In the beginning, the studio worked primarily in relief printmaking techniques such as woodcutting and linoleum block printing. Since then, it has grown to include letterpress printing, offset lithography and hot stamping.

With help from a variety of antiquated machines, we are able to reproduce and explore a range of printmaking processes and techniques. These include: typecasting, foiling, die-cutting, perforating, creasing, numbering, plate burning, paper cutting and paper folding.

The Printers

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