….Aaaaaaand Did I Mention Laziness?

Once again, the time has come to make another attempt…..to maybe maybe maybe rise again…..to something a little different perhaps.  The word from WordPress is that they have renewed my ‘situation’ (for want of a better word) — automatically, yet.  They don’t miss a beat, especially where making a buck is concerned.  I wish I had their talent and their drive for doing so.

Anyway, time to try after this time away from it.  Let’s see…..what comes to mind from this time gone by since a last entry…….summer, pain with back out of place, laziness, work-work, funerals, laziness,vacation, work-work, back pain, end of summer & fall, funerals, laziness, moving press, work-work, down sick, more laziness, more work-work, winter, storms & snow, Christmas, funerals & work-work (getting in the way of me having fun) — aaaaaand did I mention laziness?

So, the end of January, or almost, and a twist of friend Philip’s arm got him over to help me with this bloggy wannabe website thing and my lack of computer savvy.  That was yesterday.  Today sees me trying to bridge a long gap and come up with an entry that makes a new start.

Thinking about it a little more positively, I guess I’m more or less in the position to work away at one.  The studio is more or less in the best order it’s been in for a long time mostly because of the new addition — a Heidelberg Windmill.  Its story began last June and lasted through the summer and into the fall and winter and reached an end and a beginning last Friday afternoon when its former owner, Keith Wilson of Guidecraft Printing here in town came over to show me how to use it.  Its first printing since I got it in and set up.  It is a welcome, though not sought after, addition to my little collection and offers many possibilities in the letterpress end of things.  More about its acquisition and move at another time (when I’ve figured out how to upload the pictures), but for now a picture is in order……..

Original Heidelberg --- Windmill
Original Heidelberg — Windmill

……not the best picture in the world.  However, it will do for now.  And I guess this bit of a start will do for now……