Sherlock Holmes Between Cases?…

Saturday morning and a few snow fluffies coming down — the Weather Network has vague predictions of more.  At the same time it is about -20C out there.  Usually we are getting groceries at this time on this day but that is not happening today.  So, I’m left thinking about things.

It’s been a bit of a weird week.  I’ve felt strange.  Asked at the first of it ‘what was wrong?’, I said I feel like Sherlock Holmes between cases — it has happened before but not for a while — at loose ends and waiting for some project to really grab me (something of the ‘artsy’ nature, I think, as it has been a while).  That is how I’ve felt all week, and that’s not to say I don’t have lots to do of the finishing what I’ve started variety and the not yet started variety and the on-going variety and the work-work variety.  But….it’s like I’m waiting for something.  I guess I just have to ‘stay calm, be brave, and wait for the signs’ (closing words from each episode of CBC radio’s Dead Dog Cafe).

Meanwhile, I have to get my act together for church tomorrow morning — something that will hopefully pass as a ‘sermon’ (I don’t like that name for it as I don’t like to preach at/to people).  It has yet to take shape, although I’d like to think it’s getting there somewhere in the back of my mind.  The readings this week, among other things, have to do with vocation/calling and how we define ourselves.  Somehow, this has connections with how I’ve been feeling as I think it all may have to do with where I feel I’m at with my ‘being’ and ‘doing’.  Time may tell — I don’t know yet.

First and foremost, though, is that I have to teach/lead a drypoint workshop this afternoon at the UNB Art Centre.  I think it will be the fourth time I’ve done it as part of their extended learning program.  I’ve still some getting ready for that.  Hopefully I will remember to take young lad’s camera (I dropped and broke mine) and get a couple of pics to follow this up with.  Anyway, I’d better get on with that…..