Almost There — Wherever That Is…

It’s been and is colder than the furthest reaches of Hell!  Winter is still with us, although the days are getting noticeably longer at both ends. The sun has had enough power to it that the days have been livable, but the nights return us to the depths, temperature-wise.

It has been a queer week or two and this week has had its share of ‘barnyard emergencies’ that have stretched body, mind, and spirit.  There have also been the remnants of flu and cold hanging about the house.

I’ve done nothing in the printshop the past few days other than continue to try to get things organized and ready for whatever, including a number of unfinished and not yet started projects that are on the list. This included gluing up some linoleum to MDF panels and building several intentionally crude bookshelves for the upstairs to replace the even cruder ones I threw together in the fall (pictures when things are in order).

The bookshelves necessitated a trip to devon lumber, which I always like.  I’ve always liked sawmills and, although I’m only dealing with the retail outlet there, I get to go pick out what I’m after and all.  And Devon Lumber has a bit of an old time relaxed atmosphere about it.  It takes me back.

With it so cold outside, I also took a few pictures of the now mostly cleaned up and organized downstairs of the studio that is the printshop.  The table in the corner is still a mess and so the little tabletop 6 x 10 Kelsey is hidden under its blue dust cover, but everything else is in plain sight and almost ‘there’ — wherever that is.  The last one is a bit of a repeat, but it included Gerty — printshop/studio cat for the winter(more about her later).  Here’s the pics…….