The Past Few Days…

It’s been a few days since I actually made a posting here.  I started a couple of times but didn’t get far, which puts it in the same category as a lot of other things.  That’s not to sway things haven’t been started and finished over the past few days.  They have.

About a week ago I was up to the Art Centre at UNB to take a look at their intaglio press that had been grinding out bits of Brass from one end of the top roller.  They asked me to try to fix it so, with the help of one of the staff, Jeff, I took it apart, cleaned the crap, off both end shafts and their corresponding brass bushings, applied new grease and re-assembled it all.  I had hoped to take pictures of the process as it unfolded but I forgot.  I dcid however get a shot of the re-assembled press — one that the late and locally and beyond hailed as great Bruno Bobak used to print with —


Then, Last Thursday saw me at my first of three afternoons with Mike Cote’s History of Typography class at the New Brunswick College Of Craft & Design.  I also forgot to take pictures there but, considering it comprised modestly of me talking, there was nothing to actually take a picture of.  This week, however, they will be working on their linocuts and proofing them so it should;d make for some good pics.

The past week also saw me finish cleaning up the table/desk in the studio and setting up my old I-Mac, now obsolete as far as intent and other fancy operations  go but good for cataloguing books and whatnot……it joins my Boze sound thin gee as the most technically advanced items in the printshop and looks ok there in its corner beside Gerty’s ‘window seat/bed’ —

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And, speaking of Gerty, she has been getting cabin fever as the past few days have smacked of Spring (although today with its -20 or so windchill does not).  She has ventured out a few times to the deck where she has been laying in the sun on the steps and sitting on the railing looking around —