• Three-colour Offset Printing
  • Metal Plate Burning
  • Die Cutting
  • Glued Up

Jerry-Faye is an amazing artist. Her music inspires and reminds me to greet the world with a strong, open heart and a kind, compassionate love. Since first hearing her perform, I have imagined working with her on a piece of design. So when an opportunity arrived to make the packaging for her upcoming EP I melted. Then I sweated profusely because none of my preliminary designs were worth their salt. So I trusted in the artist’s best kept creative process: procrastination. I took a break, gathered perspective, and reminded myself what it was I endeavored to do. I wanted to capture a feeling, give colour and form to a felt sense. I wanted to make an iconic marker for those moments in time when a person looks back on love, longing, and loss—when we smile and laugh in spite of ourselves. — Scarlett